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Introducing the most popular lean management training game in Poland. The training program has been developed since 2015 and is constantly improved based on hundreds of conducted gameplay sessions.

Discover the history of lean

"Koromo" (Japanese: 挙母市) is a city founded in 1951 and is now known as Toyota City. It's where the Toyota automotive corporation has its headquarters. During the training, you will learn how and by whom lean management was born:

Sakichi Toyoda
Sakichi Toyoda

Founder of Toyoda Automatic Loom Works. Creator of the work system now known as Jidoka.

We also owe him the "5 whys" method, used for problem solving.

Kichiro Toyoda
Kichiro Toyoda

Founder of Toyota Motor Corporation, Sakichi Toyoda's son. In his father's company, he established the automotive division.

He introduced the Just-in-time idea – producing only what is needed, when it is needed.

Taiichi Ohno
Taiichi Ohno

Considered the father of the Toyota Production System, from which the Lean Management concept originates.

Defined the 7 wastes in work, developed the pull-order system (Kanban) and the employee suggestion system (Kaizen).

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Complete Koromo Package

You can use the workshop game for any number of internal training sessions. Training and gameplay are adapted for groups from 4 to 15 people.

Package Contents

  • Full set of game elements

  • Training and certification for 2 trainers

  • Perpetual license

  • Materials for trainers and participants

Flexible Pricing


per employee (net price)

Koromo 1
Koromo 2
Koromo 3
Koromo 4
Koromo 5
Koromo 6

Set Details

A complete list of items included in the package.

Cardboard Elements
  • garage boards (12 pcs.)
  • team leader boards (3 pcs.)
  • tiles: Kaizen, cars, efficiency, PDCA markers (+200 pcs.)
  • stands with instructions for team leaders (3 pcs.)
  • Koromo banknotes (3 sets)
Wooden Elements
  • suitcase
  • boxes (3 pcs.)
  • coasters (6 pcs.)
  • pawns (51 pcs.)
  • dices (12 pcs.)
Materials for Participants
  • question cards (63 pcs.)
  • sets of banknotes (120 pcs.)
  • master quotes, stickers, and magnets (120 pcs.)
  • prize package for winners (12 pcs.)
Materials for the Trainer
Pendrive containing:
  • presentation for conducting training
  • sample audit sheets (Kaizen, work standards, problem solving)
  • knowledge test for participants
  • educational materials for participants
  • educational material for the trainer

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